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  • Your responses to conflict.

  • Experiences of any form of betrayal.

  • Your experiences of unequal relationships, or differing expectations.

  • Feelings around commitment, including having children, living with someone, or marriage/a civil partnership.

  • Difficult relationships with family members or friends.

  • Deciding whether to stay with a romantic partner(s).

Humans are relational beings and consequentially our relationships can be source of great support, happiness or fulfilment in our lives.  However, when they are not working as we would like, they can be a cause of significant distress. 

Work in this area might include:

If our work was to include exploration of relationship concerns, space would be given to building your awareness of your current issues and longer-term relational patterns.  This might include dynamics that feel positive, as well as those that prove challenging.  Once issues and patterns are surfaced, you may want to explore your experiences of relating in new ways.  

This work can be beneficial with respect to all forms of relationships, whether you are looking for support with a romantic partner or partners, friendships, family members, or workplace relationships.  As an LGBTQIA+ ally, I welcome all forms of relationship.

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